Weekly Class Schedule


5:00-5:30pm Intro Class

5:30-6:20pm Karate-do: Beginner Class

6:30-7:20pm Karate-do: Intermediate Class

7:30-8:20pm Karate-do: Advanced Kumite

8:30-9:45pm Adult Self-Defense


5:00-5:50pm Karate-do: Kids Karate Class

6:00-6:50pm Karate-do: All Ranks

7:00-7:50pm Karate-do: Kumite Class

8:00-8:50pm Karate-do: Advanced Class


5:00-5:30pm Intro Class

6:00-6:50pm Karate-do: All Ranks


5:30-6:20pm Karate-do: Beginner Class

6:30-7:20pm Karate-do: Intermediate Class

7:30-8:20pm Kobudo (Weapons) Class

8:30-9:20pm Karate-do: Teens & Adult Class


Group Classes

Karate classes are an excellent way to get into shape, learn self-defense, and build coordination. Training with other students is one of the best ways to sharpen your skills as a karate student.

Great for the whole family. Few activities allow all family members to participate together as martial arts does. With our karate class, children and parents get to learn side by side.

Private Instruction

Sensei Koenig is available for individual or group private lessons which can enhance your weekly class practice. If you would like to learn one on one or go more in depth with your knowledge and practice, please contact Sensei Koenig via email or phone (813-609-2299) for availability regarding private lessons.


Karate is an excellent tool to supplement the education your child receives by adding a fun, physical activity that promotes discipline, concentration and focusing skills.


Our after-school program is non-contact, but allows the students to learn basic blocking, punching and kicking techniques. Through the use of games and memorized routines (katas), students develop character, respect, discipline and self-control. 


Our afterschool program is once a week at your child's school. Each class is 45 minutes long and usually starts 15 minutes after school releases. The students are escorted from their classrooms or car line to the karate class by either their teacher or karate instructor. After class, parents may pick up their children or they may be escorted to aftercare.

Our after-school program information is typically distributed through the school or daycare that your child attends. Please contact your school or daycare for registration materials, or contact us about a specific location. If your school does not offer karate as an extra-curricular,

contact us so that we can get one started!


Current After School Programs

Incarnation Catholic School, Thursdays

3:00pm - 4:45pm

Pepin Academies - Riverview Campus, Fridays 

3:00pm - 3:45pm

Tampa Covenant Church Homeschoolers, Tuesdays

10:20am - 11:20am

MacFarlane Park Elementary School, Tuesdays

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Pepin Academies - Tampa Campus, Mondays

3:30pm - 4:15pm

Adults Self-Defense Class

This class will be similar to self-defense classes that we have run before, but will be ongoing and address more advanced training, scenarios and tactics over time. This training draws on several different disciplines to give a more complete understanding of self-defense in the real world. Students will learn striking, controlling and defensive tactics to prepare for real life self-defense situations. 

Weapons Classes

Sensei Koenig holds a black belt in weapons, the first ever awarded by his instructor. Instruction in Tonfa, Nunchaku, Eku, Bo, Kama, and Sai are available. 

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