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Sensei Darin Koenig


Sensei Koenig has been practicing Martial Arts for 34 years. He began training under his sensei, Mark Pinner, at an after-school karate class much like those he teaches today. He has been teaching karate programs in Tampa Bay area schools, churches and childcare centers for over 15 years.


Sensei Koenig has trained in several styles of martial arts and holds the rank of Yon Dan (fourth degree Black Belt) in Shotokan Karate through the Traditional Karate Organization headed by Sensei Joe Mirza. In addition to his karate training, Sensei Koenig has also trained in kobudo (weapons) for many years and holds the rank of black belt, the first ever awarded by his sensei.


Sensei Koenig has competed in Kata, Kumite and Kobudo at local, National and International Tournaments. Representing the United States as a member of the AAU/USA national team, he has won bronze, silver and gold medals at tournaments around the world. Recently, Sensei Koenig was awarded Kata, Kobudo and AAU Karate Overall Florida State Champion in the 19-34 year old Men's Advanced Division for the 2017 competition season. He also won 3 medals in Tonfa, Nunchaku, and Kama at the WUKF Kobudo World Cup in Malta in October 2018.


Personally, Sensei Koenig is a loving husband, proud father and grateful servant of Jesus Christ. 

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Christian Karate


At Koenig Martial Arts, Family Karate classes are taught from a Christian perspective. Students are not required to be Christians to participate in class.


Often times people ask, "How do martial arts and Christianity go together?"

The answer is, "Very well!"  - Karate is an excellent tool to understand and build upon our walk with the Lord as Christians.


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