Steven H.

Highly recommend Koenig Martial Arts. Darin is an excellent instructor and he’s starting online classes now.

March 2020

Dan D.


You will not find a finer person or instructor for Karate.

March 2020

Ruthie L.

Great Self Defense class Sensei. I learned so much. I especially liked kicking "Bob," LOL. Looking forward to Women's Self Defense class 2, next Wednesday night. Thank you so much for all your knowledge and instructions.

June 2018

Brianna C.

We are so thankful to have Sensei Koenig teaching our son! Sensei is patient with the students all the while setting high expectations of respect and hard work. My son looks foward and enjoys class each week. I am impressed at Sensei's continued discipline of his own skills and his success in competitions.

January 2018

Gabriel B.

Formative for my son. The class strikes a good balance between being structured yet very fun. I've seen the focus, discipline, and willingness to try increase in my boy (and not just within karate, but in schoolwork and other activities). I highly recommend you do the free trial and see for yourself!

February 2018

Regina H.

My boys love Sensei Koenig! He is great with the kids and they have a ton of fun in class while getting exercise, learning to be respectful (they have started saying yes ma'am/sir to use at home - thanks Sensei!) and learning to be confident kids. I have definitely seen a difference in both boys since starting the class! Highly recommended!


May 2017

John D.

Dedicated, focused, kind, competent, accomplished, respectful...the list could really go on. I have known Sensei Koenig for over 15 years and he has demonstrated the character and knowledge necessary to educate and equip students in both martial arts and christian virtue. If these qualities are important to you then you've found the right Dojo.

January 2017

Sensei Darin has the patience of a saint! Watching him wrangle a room full of giggling kids into respectful, happy children, has been a pleasure.

May 2017

Shannon G.